We are all very passionate about food here at The Old Co-Op, and always on the look out for cool new brands that we can use in the kitchen and sell to you through the shop so you can go home and have a go.

Created in 1993, Cool Chile’s idea was simple: to start importing a wide variety of the best dried chillies, direct from México, and to provide the UK with a whole new range of flavours and heat sensations for real Mexican and home cooking.

We currently stock Chipotle and Ancho chillies, Chilli powders, tables sauces including Chipotle Ketchup, Habanero Hot Sauce and Tomatillo Salsa, Black Bean and Chilli Bean kits and Mexican store cupboard essentials such as Avocado leaves & Hibiscus flowers.

The Corn Tortillas are used in the Cafe in specials such as Black Bean & Jalapeno Chilli Pot w/ soured cream, salsa & tortillas.

All tortillas are preservative and gluten free.

Come and have a browse, or better still, sample the divine tastes in the Cafe and see for yourself.

Visit the Cool Chile website