Eat, Drink, Be Merry. Tis the season to celebrate – but your body might not thank you so much after all the festivities! Here are some tips to give a helping hand. Merry Christmas from The Old Co-Op Apothecary!

Digestive Bitters:
Roast dinners, mince pies and brandy butter may taste good at the time but they sure can be hard to digest- especially all at once! Bitters are still used a lot in Europe and Scandinavia- think Swedish Bitters. It’s a shame that we in England don’t use them as much because they really do help with digesting rich meals.

What’s in them? A blend of traditional bitter herbs that stimulate your digestive system (This is what Angostura bitters were originally intended for!) The minute your tongue senses the intense aromatic bitter taste, it triggers your digestive organs to kick in- really helpful for digesting rich meals. We sell a wonderful digestive elixir by Viridian, containing the king of bitter herbs: Gentian, honey, plus some lovely aromatic herbs such as fennel, angelica and peppermint which can help reduce cramping and bloating. You don’t need much, just 20 drops in a little water 10 minutes before meals and after meals.

Digestive Enzymes:
For extra digestive support take additional digestive enzymes, as these help to break down protein, fat and carbs. They are great for times when you have large meals and need a bit of help digesting them. Viridian again do a capsule, simply take 1 with each meal.

Milk Thistle:
A star herb for the liver- great to take during times of excess food and booze- it protects and regenerates the liver. It’s one of the best selling herbs in Germany and doctors there prescribe it for all sorts of liver complaints. Taking it for a couple of weeks over Christmas could be seen as a sort of damage-control (within reason of course- it’s not a green card to blitz it- there’s only so much milk thistle can do!).

Our Proven ‘Vega’ probiotic provides 25 billion good bacteria per capsule for a healthy digestive system. It’s a great value product for such a high strength probiotic. Probiotics may help with digestion and reducing the likelihood of stomach upsets/food poisoning.

Slippery Elm:
Slippery elm powder can be taken after meals to ease heartburn or irritation. Mix 1teaspoon of the powder into a ½ glass water and drink. It forms a protective coating on the lining of the digestive tract. Potters Herbals do a handy tablet form which you can just chew.

* Please Note: If you have any existing health conditions, seek medical advice before taking any remedies *

Merry Christmas!

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