Elizabeth Barbalich, founding director and creator of international green beauty brand Antipodes, has a background in pure science, so she’s a firm believer in the importance of scientifically validating her organic beauty products.

Many products in the Antipodes range have received international awards for performance, but Elizabeth is also often complimented on the brand’s creativity: the poetic names of products, the enticing mixes of exotic fragrances and the beautiful packaging design.

So where does Elizabeth draw her creative inspiration? She credits the fashion and music she’s exposed to through her three teenagers, invigorating walks and runs through the forests surrounding her home city of Wellington, and even the beauty of the birdsong of the native tui that inhabits the pohutukawa tree outside her office window.

And she says her daily work inspiration is simply what it’s been from the very start, back in 2006: “A desire to create premium scientifically validated organic beauty products from fully sustainable sources which can be used every day by everyday women”.

Her pure, honest skincare that delivers outstanding results has found favour with women of all ages right around the world: Antipodes is now sold in nine countries and some 300 stores throughout its homeland New Zealand.

Ethos: Green Beauty

Love Nature. Those two words guide us in everything we do. We’re constantly inspired by the natural beauty of our homeland New Zealand: an exotic, fresh and new world Antipodean nation. It’s elemental to the substance and style of our products, so we’re doing everything we can to care for it responsibly – from the full traceability of ingredients from sustainably cultivated plants to local production and recyclable packaging.

We love ingredients from Nature

We believe we’ve found the answer to anti-ageing in New Zealand nature. We carefully select bioactive extracts from sustainably cultivated native plants to create skincare products that are scientifically and clinically shown to help promote youthful skin. And we assiduously avoid synthetic preservatives, going to considerable trouble to use natural preservative compounds instead, which are both better for you and better for the environment.

Our packaging is recyclable

Our packaging features fully recyclable bottles and aluminum tubes, and 100% biodegradable card from sustainable forests.

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