Cawston Press have been making quality pressed apple juice since 1986 and whilst our range may have evolved over the years, our passion for making quality soft drinks is as strong today as it was when we first started.

We aim to create the highest quality products possible, without anything artificial, inspired by our garden kitchen. In recognition of that, we’re very proud that our range now includes several award-winning products spanning several soft drink categories both for design and taste.


Methods of pressing have changed over the last 25 years and new technology means we can now gently press our apples so that we have the purest juice with a fresh, clean taste – a little different from our early days when we used to see a lot of sediment in our juices! Our signature cloudy apple juice, crisp with a little bite, provides the perfect vehicle for blending with ingredients from our garden kitchen, whether it is our famous Apple & Rhubarb or even Brilliant Beetroot.

Stephen Unwin, our Managing Director, is responsible for creating our award-winning blends. He has a love and knowledge for apples which comes from working in the apple industry for over twenty years. The recipe we use for our Apple Juice was created by Stephen from an understanding of what apples to blend in order to make the perfect juice.

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