Dalit Goods are a company with a difference who burn with a passion to improve the lives of the poor in India. We are committed to the highest standards of ethical and environmental responsibility in every area of Dalit Goods and combine western design with eastern skill to achieve this.

Dalit is the trading arm of Life Association, a registered charity who for over 20 years has been building and managing schools and children’s homes across India. Each sale of our handcrafted candles, handmade soaps and authentic Indian spice sets supports our work abroad providing a loving home and education for Dalit orphans and other vulnerable children in India.

The Dalit people — also known as “Untouchables” — have been the most oppressed caste for over 3,000 years, living at the bottom of India’s rigid social order. In India, all social interaction is dictated by caste, and norms are strictly enforced by humiliation, violence, and poverty. Dalits are born below the lowest caste, and are denied access to public spaces such as schools, clinics, and temples.

Dalit’s are often forced to drink from clay pots as a sign of their supposed untouchability. It is this powerful symbol of oppression that has inspired us to launch our range of Dalit Branded products. Our clay pot candles are handcrafted in the Dharavi slum in Mumbai by skilled potters and provide valuable work for the potter communities that live there.

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