Fikkerts Limited is a family business that was founded in 1903 when it was known as the ‘Chemist & Allied Trading Company.

The original business traded from premises in Manningham, Bradford and was the brainchild of Mr Everard Carter, the founder and also the great great uncle of the current directors, Richard Fikkert and Karen Redhead.

Early product lines included such fascinating remedies and potions as Cherry’s Slumber Tea, Neoklenz herbal laxative, Nutona and various cough mixtures and liniments, the most notable being BarkOff Therm-O-Rub, Infurno and Dr. Norman’s Asthma Cigarettes.

Everard Carter’s business continued to grow from strength to strength and his nephew, Norman Carter became involved in 1919. Norman worked early mornings and late nights whilst still holding down a full time job in the textile trade to ensure a future for the business and subsequent generations.

Norman’s son-in-law, Dick Fikkert joined the business in 1946 shortly followed by his second son-in-law, Barry Taylor in 1950. Both contributed experience and creativity that undoubtedly set the scene for some of the ranges we sell today. The very first range, ‘Fruits of Nature’, took to the shelves in 1980, coinciding more or less with the time that Dick’s son and daughter became involved in the company.

Whilst there is not much call today for many of the original herbal products, the knowledge, science and ingredients used in these original formulations is still relevant to the products we produce today.

Family values

As a family business, we have the privilege of being answerable only to ourselves when it comes to company ethics. Our company has a friendly approach to customers, suppliers and staff alike and we believe that our commitment to quality and customer service is indeed a key to our success.

Our aim has always been to create innovative and exciting products, and wherever possible to use the very best and most natural ingredients.

Fresh herbs & plants are used in abundance for extractions and infusions. We do not use animal products or do any testing on animals and use recyclable glass where possible.


We constantly aim to create and maintain excellent relationships with all our customers whether they are trade, retail or e commerce. As all our toiletries are made in England we can react to your requirements promptly and efficiently and our sales staff are always available to answer any queries you may have.

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