Organic North Wholesalers is a co-operative formed by a group of northern organic businesses in the early 1990s and remains member owned. Despite their relatively low profile, they have supplied millions of £s worth of organic vegetables to box schemes for many years. They are the longest established and largest organic fruit and vegetable wholesaler in Greater Manchester, the North West and beyond, supplying businesses in Lancashire, Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Cumbria and Scotland.

They are based at the Smithfield Wholesale Market in East Manchester, a hub connected by chilled overnight transport to all the horticultural areas of the UK. The registered company name is Organic 2000 Limited but felt that their trading name, Organic North Wholesalers, describes the business much better.

Their aims are to support regional growers wherever possible and the independent organic movement. Organic North Wholesalers has always been Soil Association registered and has close links with organic growers across the North and wider UK, supported by European and global imports when absolutely necessary. They pride themselves on paying growers on time and try to promote seasonal surpluses.

Organic North now carry extensive dairy ranges, including milk, butter and cheese from Calon Wen as well as biodynamic cheese and yoghurt from Loch Arthur.

Organic North Wholesalers offers options to businesses to collect orders, have pallet delivery by carrier or chilled haulier or by their own vans where feasible. Whatever your organic requirements, Organic North are sure to be able to help.

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