The Old Co-Op Apothecary has a wide selection of herbal remedies, nutritional supplements and essential oils which may just help to lift your spirits a little through the Winter months! Here’s a few of our favourites…

Rhodiola rosea: A Siberian adaptogenic herb which may help with mild depression and low energy.

Omega 3 oils: Fish oil or Flaxseed/Hempseed oil all contain omega 3 fats which are essential for a healthy nervous system. Your brain needs fat to function properly- specifically omega 3 fats. Deficiency in omega 3 fats is linked to depression.

B Vitamins: The B vitamins are really important for mental health- if you are deficient in any of the B vitamins it can affect your mood. Viridian High B12 has a high dose of B12 specifically which may be useful for people suffering from depression.

Viridian Saffron capsules: Saffron could have powerful antidepressant qualities according to several scientific studies. The viridian capsules contain a concentrated extract. Be aware that the effects may not be noticeable until 4-6 weeks after commencing (as with regular antidepressants).

Essential oils such as Bergamot and Geranium: put a few drops on a tissue and inhale throughout the day or add a few drops to the bath – these all have mood boosting qualities.

Or indulge in a beautiful aromatherapy candle from Our Tiny Bees. These are handmade in Yorkshire using locally sourced beeswax and real essential oils (no synthetic nasties). Go for the zesty grapefruit, lemongrass or fresh rosemary- for an uplifting fragrance around the house.

*Seek professional advice especially if you have any health conditions or are taking medications – this article is for information purposes only.