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Product of the Season

Pukka Elderberry Syrup:
A best selling combination of elderberry, manuka honey, horseradish and essential oils. Gentle but effective, it can be used by all the family. Current research shows that elderberry can in fact stop viruses from entering our cells- helping to prevent and reduce the duration of respiratory infections. The horseradish helps to ease congestion in the lungs, as do the essential oils which also have anti-microbial properties. A ‘must have’ over winter- an all round star product!

About the Supplier: Pukka is a English company committed to providing the highest quality organic herbs, with a strong ethical focus. Most of you know them for their teas- but please check out their herbal and nutritional range for high potency, quality products. They specialize in Ayurvedic herbs- a system of herbal medicine in India that has been around for thousands of years.

Immune Boosters

These supplements may boost your natural immune function, helping you to fight off bacteria/viruses rather than simply treating the symptoms..

Echinacea capsules or tincture: effective if you take as soon as you start to feel run down.

Astragalus: a legendary Chinese herb similar to Echinacea it is especially recommended for chronic or recurrent viral infections and can be taken for 3 months at a time.

Pukka Mushroom Gold: These capsules contain the best immune boosting medicinal mushrooms: Shitake, Maitake and Reishi. These have been used in China for thousands of years and there is also more and more scientific evidence to support these traditional uses. Can be taken for several months at a time.

Vitamin C and D: taken daily during winter they can help to boost your natural defences- you can take more regular doses of Vitamin C when you are actually sick as your body’s vitamin C requirements are higher during infection. Most of us are deficient in vitamin D due during the winter due to lack of sunlight.

Probiotics: Take care of your good bacteria to boost your resistance to infections. Good bacteria lines your entire digestive tract, nose, urinary and genitourinary systems- they provide natural protection against opportunistic infections- helping to prevent ‘bad bacteria’ from taking hold.


Zinc: has anti-viral activity and we need it to make certain immune cells- take additional zinc with vitamin C during a cold to speed up recovery.

Elderberry syrup by Pukka: See our ‘Star Product’ above.

Garlic: natures anti-biotic. Available in capsules to reduce odour.

Essential oils: Chest rubs and inhalations- see next column. You can also burn essential oils in the house when those around you are sick as they help to kill airborne germs- and they smell nice!

Symptomatic Relief

Herbal Syrups: Potters do a range of natural plant based syrups for symptoms such as excessive coughing, catarrh and chesty coughs. Weleda Marshmallow syrup is particularly good for soothing for dry irritating coughs.

Horseradish capsules from Viridian: this pungent herb helps to break up stubborn catarrh and congestion.

Aromatherapy Essential Oils:  Peppermint, Eucalyptus and thyme essential oils: use for steam inhalations, in oil burners, mixed with an ointment as a chest rub or dab a few drops on a tissue and inhale throughout the day. The oil particles have antimicrobial and decongestant properties when inhaled.

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